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Bob the Plumber Offers Plumbing Installation & Repair

Bob the Plumber in Belgrade, ME, offers plumbing installation and repairs for residents of Kennebec County, ME, and Central Maine. Our team can install or repair the following plumbing appliances:

With over 21 years of experience, you can count on our master plumbers for incredible service. Whether you need a water pump replaced, a new water heater, or other plumbing service, we are available 24/7 for emergency service. Call us today at (207) 495-2942 for a free estimate. We use appliances from the best brands, including WaterSoft™ and Gould.

Camp Winterization and Opening to Prepare for the Next Season

When preparing for cold Maine winters, it is crucial to properly winterize your camp. This includes checking over plumbing to ensure pipes will not freeze, furnace cleaning, and maintaining other heating and plumbing equipment to make sure it is properly turned off or functional for your return. When the weather turns chilly, call Bob the Plumber in Belgrade, ME, right away for winterization. We can also come back in the spring time for opening services. 

Reach Us Toll-Free at (888) 749-6263

Bob the Plumber Offers Furnace Cleaning

Bob the Plumber offers professional furnace cleaning to home and business owners throughout Central Maine. Furnace cleaning is essential to keep your furnace functional and to extend its life. In most cases, dirt, dust, and dander can make a home in your furnace and go back out into the air when the furnace is in use. Not only does this affect your health over time, but it can get in the way of uniform air flow. It can also block air from coming through, making the furnace run harder and less efficient. Contact our heating contractors today to learn about furnace cleaning or to schedule an appointment.

Experienced Heating Contractor for Belgrade, ME

Bob the Plumber offers experienced heating system installation and repair to homes and businesses in Belgrade, ME; Augusta, ME; Waterville, ME; and the surrounding areas. Our team can install or repair furnaces, boilers, wood burners, kerosene burners, and more. Having the proper heating equipment is crucial for maintaining a comfortable space in the colder months.

We are an authorized dealer for NTI boilers, and can service other brands, as well. We have a full stock of parts and heating equipment to quickly repair or install your new system. Trust our heating contractors to quickly install new heating equipment or to repair an existing system. With over 21 years of experience, our contractors will get the job done right.


See What Customers Say About Us

From camp winterization and opening or furnace cleaning, to water pump repair and plumbing installation, the team at Bob the Plumber is ready to help. See what our customers are saying about our service:

“Super! Very nice and conscientious workman. He was able to help us out of a minor jam that could have been much worse. He is the man with the right tools and know how. I would highly recommend!” - Kristy S. via Facebook
“Bob The Plumber has saved me out of so many jams I do not even know where to start. They are smart, on time and under budget. I have never had to have them come back and fix any work they have done, unlike other plumbers. I cannot say enough good things about them!” - Tim M. via Facebook
“Did a great job replacing my hot water heater! Price was reasonable and he was able to get out and do it within the week. I have found my new plumber!” - Monica S. via Facebook
“They are a great team, very nice people and do a great thorough job cleaning my furnace.” - Gail S. via Facebook
“I think you guys spent more time at my camp than I did this winter! Thanks again for fixing on such short notice.” - Mike G. via Facebook